Dear Susy, c/o My Journal, June 23

Have you read Camus? Can you understand? The sun was in my eyes, and the puddles were soft under my feet. Dancing with you out of the rain was like nothing never. The rain down your face was too much and more. The world was taking a stand beyond reason or hope. The world was passion. I think it’s love, and I don’t know the difference. Someday will tell, or I’ll be in Kansas. Either way is miles from now. The world will end and be reborn, if I have my way. The world has ended already since sunset in the Sunday park. Now what?

Have you read Camus? I’m on a bus to never again. It’s an adventure. Is it the end of my life? Is it the end of yours? Will we find out together? Will we die alone? Will you sing to me on the wind? I’m making lists of you behind my heart. Can you hear them? Why can’t I send this? Why am I on a bus?

Have you read Camus? The world was no longer gentle or indifferent, and the sun was in my eyes. Is this remorse?

Sincerely, JJJJJJjjj